Third Party Logistics


Third party logistics is one of the key parts of our business. Whether you are located in Canada or the US we can serve you in so many ways when it comes to storage, repackaging, consolidating shipments, kitting , or even assembling and packaging goods. We can hold all types of products here in our warehouses and when you have customers that need to receive some of your product send us an order and we can fulfill it for you and your client.

This service works especially well for Canadian firms selling goods into the USA. Ship down a whole pallet of goods in one shipment then we can ship it out in little bits to your individual customers. We have great rates we can offer for shipping through the USPS or through UPS. Or we are willing to ship with your account information. Another option is goods purchased and resold in the USA by a Canadian firm - we can receive them here, consolidate or repackage goods as required and then ship them out to your customers. This processes saves the hassles and costs associated with customs clearance. 

Some reasons to use us for - 

  • kitting 

  • repackaging 

  • shipping via UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, LTL

  • consolidation of goods for single shipment to Canada 

  • light assembly and boxing 


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" Working with the staff of RRF has been fundamental to our growth since 2016. They're the best fulfillment center we've had the pleasure of working with! The staff is excellent and if you are looking to have 3PL, Red River Freight is the answer! " 

Achilles Gentle
Winnipeg MB