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Third Party Logistics

Attention Canadian business owners! 

Selling your product in the U.S. but finding it a pain to clear each individual order through customs? 

We have the solution!

"Red River Freight’s 3PL system has done wonders for our business. We can rely on the staff to ensure our orders get delivered to our customers in a timely manner and haven’t missed an event.

Thank you for the awesome support."

Dayna and Joanne at Arrow Specialties

Stonewall, MB 

How it works...

Your business will ship your product to us in bulk, to save on clearance fees and shipping. Once it is at our facility we will sort and store your product and ship it out to your U.S. customers as you get orders. 

Our operation is able to ship your products UPS or FedEx, which ever you choose, and also have accounts with many LTL carriers to get you the best transport prices for your needs. If you are located in or near Winnipeg, MB, we offer brokerage and transport options through reliable carriers.  

Shipping southbound commercially? Ever thought of consolidating your products to get them through the border? We would be happy to receive truckloads of goods store them and ship them out individually to different locations. We have ties to different shipping companies that can ship your goods many miles at a very low rates. Send us the goods, we’ll store them, when you need them sent to your customer we’ll pick them and ship them out for you!

Boxes, pallets, crates, envelopes, barrels, racks, you name it we want to help you move it safely, quickly and economically.

North or South? Either way you are moving freight we can assist you – reach out to us.

Southbound – We offer third party logistics services , ship a large quantity of goods across at once and save on brokerage fees, store at our facility and we can ship to your clients throughout the USA. We are set up to ship Fed Ex, UPS and also have a number of LTL carrier accounts. 

Northbound – We can receive and store for you, we can consolidate your goods at our warehouse to save clearance fees , we work with a number of brokers who will clear your freight for you at very economical rates. We have a number of options for transportation from our warehouse to Winnipeg again offered through business partners.

If you have any questions, please call or email Roger or Brad