Red River Freight has been engaged in Vendor Rework for suppliers to both MCI and New Flyer Industries for many years.

Starting in 1997 we answered a small ad in the local newspaper seeking someone to warehouse and repair passenger seats supplied to the local motor coach factory. We have a very strong partnership still to this day with the seating supplier and have since started to serve many others who supply parts to bus manufacturers.

  • We can store components to meet JIT requirements.
  • We can inspect components prior to them going to the manufacturer to ensure quality.
  • We can repair things at the manufacturer when assembly damage occurs or when a defect makes it to the final process of the coach building.
  • We are strong in all types of mechanical work , we do some vinyl repair, and are willing to do some electrical repairs with limited guidance.
  • We are known for our ability to be flexible in our work schedule and we strive to go above and beyond so that our customers can meet required deadlines

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