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We are third-party logistics experts ready to help your business thrive with our reliable fulfilment service.

Our efficient supply chain support will remove all operational stresses and let you concentrate on what you do best.

We’ll take care of all your logistical needs: from inventory, to warehouse storage, packaging, shipping, returns and much more. We’ll bring your products to your people & deliver fast, reliable service on behalf of your brand.

We’re a family – literally! Our family business is built on strong relationships, trustworthy partnerships and putting people first. We boast more than 20 years of logistical excellence and we promise to put your customers at the heart of everything we do.

Whatever the product, wherever the shipment, trust Red River Freight to fulfill your logistical requirements.

Third Party Logistics

Third party logistics is one of the key parts of our business. Whether you are located in Canada or the US we can serve you in so many ways when it comes to storage, repackaging, consolidating shipments, kitting , or even assembling and packaging goods.

We can hold all types of products here in our warehouses, and when you have customers that need to receive some of your product, send us an order and we can fulfill it.


Let us simplify your cross border packages, storage, services and shipping. We specialize in coordinating and handling any and all freight. From small envelopes to large heavy equipment we have the space and facilities to handle it all.

We have 2 loading docks and over 10,000 sq. feet of heated storage as well as additional areas for cold storage. Whether you are shipping to Canada or to the USA just follow the easy steps outlined on our site. After hours pick-up available!

About Us

Take the hassle out of transporting and storing goods with help from our freight shipping and logistics company.

Red River Freight is a holding warehouse for commercial and personal use. This all began when our current owner’s father, Roger Seed, bought an automotive repair shop in Pembina. In 1997, we started providing storage for vendors at a motor coach manufacturer followed by storage for Canadian customs brokers in 2007.

In 2012, we closed the auto repair part of the business and now focus solely on shipping and receiving. We expanded to providing third-party logistics for multiple companies in 2013. Because we have the ability to do many different things in warehousing and logistics, you can depend on us to fulfill your specific requests.

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