Storage / Warehousing

  • Parcels under 60 lbs. $7.00
  • Parcels over 60 lbs. OR over 4 feet in one dimension $10.00
  • Skids 4′ x 4′ $30.00
  • Skids oversized starting @ $40.00
  • Shipment consolidations onto a skid – $30 plus time spent handling individual boxes
  • Parcels not picked up within 1 year will become property of Red River Freight unless arrangements have been previously made.
  • Please provide Red River Freight with complete information (custom docs, contact info, etc.) Doing so will avoid any extra charges.
  • Red River Freight will visually inspect incoming freight for damage, but are not responsible for concealed damaged. We do not open customers’ freight unless given previous authorization. We do reserve the right to open boxes with no names on them.
  • Red River Freight has an insurance policy which covers the property of others stored at our facility from any damage caused by us.

Third Party Logistics

  • Payment terms can be set up after 3 months time – for the first 3 months we may ask the┬ácustomer to pay up front.
  • We reserve the right to not handle or work with dangerous or illegal goods.

Furniture Installation

  • Rates vary due to complexity of work and location – please fill out form or call for further details.
  • Red River Freight is committed to remaining as flexible as possible regarding scheduling changes. Rescheduling jobs, especially in summer months, may incur an extra charge.

Vendor Rework

  • Rates dependent on scope of project(s). Either hourly rate or per project.
  • Red River Freight will set up with your company to provide onsite product support.