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We can handle envelopes and boxes … rock trucks and tractors and everything in between. We focus heavily on commercial shipments but serve individuals as well. We have 2 loading docks and over 10,000 sq. feet of heated storage as well as additional areas for cold storage. Our unmanned site a mile away in MN has an open dock set up for flat beds and step deck trailers. We have several blocks of open property to store all types of vehicles and equipment and also a small amount of indoor storage.

We stand out in the industry with our insurance protection that covers your products while in our care. We are committed to treating your property as if it was our own.

Commercial storage
We have 3 forklifts and a skid steer to handle any type of skid or piece of freight, and plenty of space for all sizes of items from boxes to golf carts and ATV’s.

Equipment storage
Regular dock height – 1 open and 1 enclosed at our main location in Pembina. An open above ground dock in St Vincent, MN serves both flat beds and step deck trailers. At this unmanned location we have plenty of space for multiple trucks to park at the same time as well as room for oversize loads.

Personal storage
We will receive envelopes, boxes, packages, and pallets for individual customers. We are happy to receive any items, big or small, for you, but we do ask one small favor – please ensure your name is on the inbound shipment, not Red River Freight!! We do strongly encourage our individual customers to sign up for Kinek. We formed a partnership with Kinek many years ago and they are an awesome, user friendly notification company. In a nutshell – they assign you a client number that you put on your shipment coming to us, and when it arrives Kinek will let you know it is here and available for pick up.

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