Northbound Freight

When ordering your product, use Red River Freight for your “ship to” address. Use your name in the address so we know who the item is for (please refrain from using Red River Freight in the shipping address as many companies will drop your name and just use ours, making it difficult to associate the item with you). If you are a Kinek customer please enter your Kinek number here as well. If not, just enter your name and our address. For example, your address should look as follows:

• (your name) followed by Kinek # if applicable
• 191 North Cavalier Street
• Pembina ND 58271

Track your package and pick-up @ Red River Freight when it has been delivered here. It’s as simple as that! Any questions on delivery or to double check that a package has arrived please call 1-701-825-6951 or email Remember to bring your receipt along for Canadian customs. We also offer after hours pick-up to accommodate your schedule! Please call to arrange secure pick-up outside of normal business hours.

Not traveling to the USA in person or need help getting a skid/parcel shipped north? No problem! We have teamed up with Runnin Red of Winnipeg who will be happy to pick-up your item at our warehouse and deliver to a pick-up location in Winnipeg. Click this link to submit your details

Large items, Equipment, Vehicles & Crossdock shipments

Contact us to confirm size & date/time of delivery. We’ll have equipment and crew ready!

Southbound Freight

Please reach out with details regarding your needs and we’ll provide you with best rates available. We grown to have partnerships with cross border brokers and many USA freight companies, which in turn enables us to provide you with fast and affordable shipping options