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On: 9 March 2022 In: News

Is 3PL suitable for small businesses? There’s something of a misconception that only large-scale business can benefit from third party logistics services but we’re here to state that that’s resolutely not the case. In fact, there are many ways a business of any size could benefit from utilizing 3PL.

Small business problem #1 – You’re short on storage

Are you short of space? Are there times that your building feels too small due to the amount of product you have on hand? A 3PL service can store your goods, then ship them to your clients as needed. Simple.

Small business problem #2 – You work from home

Do you have an ecommerce business? Since ecommerce businesses often consist of one or two people working out of their homes, storage space can be nonexistent. A 3PL service is an ideal solution to your WFH problems because they can receive your product directly from the supplier and then ship them to your customer. So you can be sure that your product is being shipped in a timely fashion without having to handle it yourself.

Small business problem #3 – You have a small workforce

Staffing shortages can affect any company, and when they do, it’s often the customer who suffers. A 3PL service can take over and manage all your assembly, packaging and shipping needs.

Small business problem #4 – Cross-border shipping is breaking the bank

Does some (or all) of your product come into the United States from Canada? For cross-border shipping from Canada into the US, a 3PL service can receive and store a single product shipment, then divide it into individual orders and ship them to specific customers anywhere in the US. So, your small business will see reduced customs clearance fees and significantly improved shipping times within the USA.

Small business problem #5 – Your product is big but your workspace is small

If you deal in large items but currently have a workforce of 10 then it follows that you won’t be able to store your product on site. When you work with a 3PL company, you can take up the space you need without expanding your facilities. At Red River Freight, we have a massive 25,000 square feet of secure outdoor space which is perfect for storing vehicles and large outdoor machinery.


A Third-Party Logistics company will take on the tasks that are taking your time away from the things you want to focus on, sales, marketing, and receiving orders. You can leave the fulfillment process to a business that is equipped to handle your logistics and concentrate on growing your business.

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