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On: 25 November 2022 In: News

We’re fast approaching that time of year when every business feels both the joy and the pressure of all of those additional seasonal orders. For small to medium businesses, managing increased volume can be particularly tricky at this time of year and if you fail to plan ahead, you run the risk of disappointing customers and losing business. But, good news, the team at Red River Freight are here to help. You can outsource your shipping, packing and storage needs to us, safe in the knowledge that we’ll scale up when you need it and back down again when you don’t! Here’s how we can help you prepare for the Holiday season…

1. We’ll Manage Your Inventory

It’s difficult to accurately forecast exactly how busy you’ll be over the next couple of months. The holiday season leads to some serious ebbs and flows which makes managing your inventory a little tough. Warehousing needs can change from week to week, and these unpredictable variations can be costly to a business that handles their fulfilment in-house. The beauty of working with us at Red River Freight is that you only pay for the warehouse space that you use each month.

We’ll make sure your products are protected from the cold too. Red River Freight has 13,500 square feet of heated, indoor storage space to ensure the safety of your product and protect the integrity of your inventory.

2. We’ll Make 24-Hour Shipping Possible

There are those who plan ahead for the Holiday season, you know the ones, the people who have been stockpiling since February. And then there are those who suddenly realize that they should probably make a purchase quick. These are the people who require next day shipping and simply don’t have the time to settle for anything less. Thankfully, we understand that we’re living in a world where people click “submit order” and expect same-day dispatch and we make sure that your product is shipped out to your customers ASAP.

We work with UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service, and have orders picked up by each of these carriers Monday-Friday. This allows us to get your product out same- or next-day to provide your customers with the fastest delivery time possible.

3. We’ll Ensure Your Customers Can Track Their Order

We provide tracking information to your customers as soon as their shipment is packed, so they know exactly where it is in real time and when to expect delivery. Making the business of planning for the holidays easier for them and the business of excellent customer service easier for you.

4. We’ll Take Care of Any Returns in January

For small and medium businesses, reverse logistics can be tricky. At Red River Freight, we can provide return shipping labels and, once we receive the returned product, send a replacement or issue a refund. Making your January business blues non-existent!


We’re here to make the coming months the most wonderful time of the year for your business. If you’re worried about storage, shipping or picking and packing then let us handle it for you. Get in touch with a member of the team to get a free quote today.