Third Party Logistics Moving Packages
On: 21 July 2022 In: News

If you’re in the process of starting or growing your own subscription business then you may well wonder how much you can logistically order, pack and ship without needing bigger premises or a larger team. Thankfully, there are kitting services available that can take away the hassle but inevitably, they come at a cost. Here, we delve deep into how much you’re likely to pay for kitting services for a subscription business in the US.

How much will a kitting service cost with Red River Freight?

The cost of kitting items and shipping them out can vary dramatically based on the number of different items going into the box and the number of boxes that you will be shipping. But,we’re not here to palm you off, we want to answer your question. Take a look at the examples below for a guide to how much you can expect to pay.

Example 1: 3,500 monthly subscription boxes containing the same five items
(covering own shipping)
At Red River Freight, we could build, pack, and ship these boxes for anywhere from $1.25-
$2.50 per box without shipping fees. Customers who use this model send the shipping labels
to us via email and we print them ourselves right before we start packing the boxes.
Example 2: Varying amount of subscription boxes shipped with different items in

In this case, you’d pay a flat rate of anywhere from $3-$6 per box, or you could choose to pay our standard labor rate of $35/hour, which would be in effect for the time we spent receiving and sorting the items, building the boxes, packaging the items for shipment, and shipping them out to your customers.

Example 3: Monthly subscription box provider and needs shipping taken care of
If you choose to use our shipping account rather than your own, you could get a discounted
shipping rate based on the large volume of shipments we send out every month.

Just like your subscription box, our service is completely customizable based on your business needs and so it follows that prices will change depending on your requirements. If you’re interested to learn more or to get a bespoke quote, contact us today.

How could Red River Freight’s kitting service save you money?

As well as offering flat fees and transparent pricing, Red River Freight isare also strategically based to save customers shipping to the US money. We’re located right on the border of Canada and the United States so you can have all of your subscription box items and packaging shipped directly to us, and we will assemble, pack and ship them to your United States customers. We also store your remaining items for a flat rate fee of $35/month per pallet of items.