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If you’re a regular visitor to our website then you may have noticed a few changes around here, namely the introduction of this Learning Centre section. 

For this inaugural blog, Marketing & Business development manager Tobi sat down with General Manager Curt Seed, to find out what he believes sets Red River Freight apart from the competition.

Tobi: Thanks for taking the time to chat Curt! Why did you want to add a blog to the site?

Curt: We have a great relationship with our customers and found we were being asked a lot of the same questions again and again. We want our site to be as beneficial as possible and we hope this blog and Learning Centre section will act as a great resource for our clients.

T: Great, thanks. Now, to start at the very beginning, what is third party logistics?

C: Good question! Third Party Logistics or 3PL is a system where an organisation (in other words, a third party, i.e. us!) provides the organisation and support a business needs to acquire, store and transport their goods to their customers. 

T: Why would a business use a third-party organisation such as Red River Freight for their logistics?

C: We allow businesses to work at scale. So, we can store, distribute and transport much larger volumes of stock than our customers could without us.

T: Okay, sounds good! So, tell the readers a bit about Red River Freight?

C: We’re a family run business and we started out way back in 1994 as a storage and service firm. Back then we worked predominantly with a large Mexican firm who sold seats to a local bus manufacturing company. In 2008, we started to focus on freight storage and forwarding and this evolved into third party logistics for companies across North America.

T: Can you name one thing that you believe sets Red River Freight apart from the rest?

C: There are so many things! If I were really only allowed to choose one, then I guess I’d have to say our massive (13,500 square feet to be precise) indoor heated warehouses. While competitors in the region have warehouses, we’re the only ones we know that have heated premises of this scale to ensure the North American winter frost is kept firmly outside!

T: Speaking of which, Red River Freight has outdoor storage space too?

C: Absolutely. We have a massive 25,000 square feet of secure outdoor space which is perfect for storing vehicles and large outdoor machinery.

T: What do regular customers say about RRF?

C: I recently chatted to one of our longest customers, Teachers’ Crate, and asked what it was about Red River Freight that meant they continued to work with us again and again. They said our clear pricing structure was so much easier to navigate than other third-party logistics companies they’d dealt with.

Most 3PL companies charge per item which means working out the price ahead of sale can be time consuming and difficult but at Red River Freight, we charge by the box. Our fee structure is simple, straightforward and easy to cost.

Check out our pricing page here

T: Does the RRF location offer a strategic advantage?

C: Yes, we believe so. We’re based in Pembina, ND. right on the border of the US and Canada. We’ve got heaps of experience working with companies from both countries and we excel at facilitating cross-border shipping.

T: Do Red River Freight offer an assembly service?

C: We do. Our third-party logistics service will consolidate, repackage and even assemble stock for our clients. We work to understand requirements and to make sure all products reach our clients’ customers exactly as they intended. Many of our customers have been with us for years (or even decades) so we like to think we’re on the right track!

T: How reliable is shipping?

C: Very! Red River Freight guarantees reliable and secure (not to mention fast!) shipping to all of our customers. We work with USPS, UPS, FedEx and LTL to make sure we get your products where they need to go in the time frame you need.

T: Great, this has been super useful? Do you have anything to add?

C: I’ve been holding off saying it as I’m sure most businesses would claim the same, but we really do have a fantastic working relationship with all of our clients. We’re powered by people and are proud to have forged strong connections with our customers.

For any new or potential third party logistics customers reading, I’ll just say this: 

At Red River Freight, we aim to take away all the pains of logistics. It’s our mission to build the strongest possible partnerships with all of our customers.

T: Thanks Curt! 


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